2019 DISSplaced, The Point CDC, Bronx, NY (Curated by Isabel Figueroa)
2019 Pride Continues, in celebration of LGBTQ Pride, The Poe Park Visitor Center, Bronx, NY
2019 Intersectional Identity: Gender & Sexuality, Episcopal Church of St. Matthew & St. Timothy, Manhattan, NY
2019 Like a Phoenix: We rise from the ashes, Langston Hughes House, Harlem, NY (Curated by In Honor of our roots)
2019 Subete Mujeres, The Point CDC, Bronx, NY (Curated by Isabel Figueroa)
2018 Sin Fronteras: Artists against violence at the border, 8-Ball HQ,  Manhattan, NY
2018 Sentades en Silencio (Sitting in Silence), New Women Space (NWS), Brooklyn, NY
2018 La Huesuda, Local Project Art Space, Long Island City, NY
2018 BX EYES, The Point CDC, Bronx NY (Curated by Marquita Flowers)
2018 Critique the Hood, El Jardin, Bronx, NY (Curated by COTH-Creators of the Hood)
2018 New York Chicanas 2, SWS Oasis, Bronx, NY (Curated by Odalys Burgos)
2018 Bronx Art Expo 2, Hydro Punk, Bronx, NY (Curated by Tiara Torres)
2017 New York Chicanas, The Living Gallery Outpost, Manhattan NY (Curated by Odalys Burgos)



Diversity Lens Project, NYC Department of Education,Tweed Courthouse, Manhattan, NY

2013 “Simplicity in Complexity IV” Arts Connection,  Soroban Capital Partners, Manhattan, NY
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